8 Steps to Drawing Like a Pro

Unlock how to draw a masterpiece step by step in this value-packed 1 hour Training.

What you'll learn:

Understand Supplies

Discover the techniques & tricks that will help you in creating a masterpiece.

Draw Big Shapes

Learn how to break down a picture so you have a solid foundation to build on.

Create an Object

Use the basic shapes you started with to create a rough draft of the subject.

Analyze & Adjust

Make your drawing more accurate by making any necessary changes.

Small Shapes Within

Begin adding the shapes that you find within the object you're drawing.

Add Detail

Focus on details, thick & thin lines, and hard & soft edges in your drawing.

Depth & Dimension

Add value to the object to create depth and a three-dimensional look.

Finishing Touches

Determine what you need to add to make your picture pop!


3 Secrets to Success as an Artist

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8 Steps to Drawing Like a Pro MasterClass...


"I very much enjoyed your intro demo to "8 Steps to Drawing Like a Pro Masterclass". You gave a whole lot of useful instruction in just a short amount of time! Your instructions were very easy to understand. I also appreciated that you didn't waste a lot of time with meaningless chatter as some instructors seem to do."


"I am 75 and have been drawing since I was a kid. I am truly blessed with art talent, but want to learn more. You never know it all. You made me think in composition. Detail later. Get it outlined first. I will definitely work on that. Never too old to learn. Thank you. So glad I watched your lesson."



Invest 1 hour of your time and receive 8 actionable steps immediately.

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